Press Quotes

This extraordinary production by Barry Edwards bounces with a resonance that affects both mind and body

Ann Nugent The Stage


This is a dark, seductive and evocative performance that gripped me from start to finish.

Emily Buist Bristol Evening Post


Optik show such inventiveness, such control they touch the heights of provocative lunacy.

Malcolm Hay Time Out


This exploratory work has no exact precedent. It springs spontaneously from the inner creative nerve and stretches rather than closes or consoles.

Merete Bates Guardian


Optik performances make emotions, moods, body chemistry, visible. Body space – in yer face.

Tracey Warr Performance Research


Optik excel at moments where images of extreme beauty and sheer lunacy combine in this extraordinary performance piece. The sort of company you feel you’d like to know from the start.

Stella Hall Performance Magazine


A multi-track creation of ‘energy sites’, images and patterns formed by the watcher and the watched as rigour and the erotic collide.

John Keefe Total Theatre


Brilliantly interwoven, this is an astonishing approach to performance and very pure theatre.

W Boswinkel NRC Handelsblad Amsterdam


The communication is intense, inexplicable. It has left me awash with impulses, sensations – a strange and peculiarly exhilarating experience.

Erich Sidler Performance Practice Journal


Edwards creates a subtle interplay between image, sound, action, expression and produce a unique brand of visual and aural theatre.

Tim Charles Plays and Players


Barry Edwards’ performance adds up to an astounding, an electrifying experience.

Hamish Hamilton The Scotsman


This performance is a musico-dramatic happening of ear tickling, ear wooing finesse.with shades of the portentous mystery of any Bruckner symphony.

Max Loppert Financial Times


Optik are not so much a theatre spectacle, more a way of mind.

Anne Morley Priestman The Stage


Barry Edwards allows Optik’s art to exist with an absolute absence of artifice – a unique exploration of the very context of performance.

John Freeman Total Theatre


Optik excel at creating a surreal environment. An unforgettable glimpse at the images locked in past collective memory.

Charlotte Keatley Performance Magazine


So extraordinary, so intense this performance merits new categorisation. A powerful experience.

Steve Lake Melody Maker


Optik, conceptually and theatrically, touch on the most magical of moments.

Sherril Dodds Dance Theatre Journal


Barry Edwards directs with a tuned eye and ear to the music of the play’s dialogue

Jack Tinker Evening Argus


Barry Edwards has directed a genuinely exciting performance delivered with great technical virtuosity

Michael Andersaon Plays and Players