Little Deaths Reviews


Emily Buist Bristol Evening Post Rating 9/10

This is a play that explores the raw core of the human condition and displays its madness, violence and fragility. It is about hidden animalistic desires and the momentary power they hold over us. The characters are deeply psychologically and mentally damaged and seek to punish themselves or regain a warped power over their chaotic and haphazard lives. The characters, despite being soaked in their own selfish obsessions are strangely watchable and deeply intriguing. This is a dark, seductive and evocative performance that gripped me from start to finish.

Steve Wright Venue Magazine Rating ****

A lot of bollocks gets talked about ‘darkness’ in modern theatre. The latest from playwright Steve Lambert is a properly light-starved affair. The erotic co-dependences between its three protagonists are revealed slowly, grippingly: here are three ‘normal’ people with a shared need for something which in its lusts, appetites and pain thresholds makes sex look like tickling. Far from being a gothic melodrama it’s a softly realistic – and thus more shocking – account of the power struggles, compromises, epiphanies, and loneliness of life the other side of love. There are brilliant performances from Joanna Waters as Lisa, a woman whose extreme needs and desires put her in positions of swaggering power then shocking abjection, and Jo Morrison as Sam, an ingénue with a near bottomless appetite for self-abasement.

Fiona Templeton The Relationship

This is an extraordinary play with directing and actors that will leave you clutching your seats and gasping – an amazing achievement. This is not an easy work by far – it is raw. I am sure that anyone who sees this work will be moved and impressed by the depth of its theatrical skill. It had for me that most essential for a script, that each line swung the dramatic picture to a new place – pared down, emotionally deeply insightful.