Savage Amusement


Raymond Meares

The Stage

Savage Amusement


Savage Amusement, a new play commissioned by the Faculty of Creative Arts from Peter Flannery with funding from a North West Arts New Writing Fellowship under the direction of Barry Edwards, is an outspoken work that blends humour and philosophy as it deals telling blows at the uncaring society which civilisation has thrown up.

Among the serious issues in the play are squatting, the plight of the homeless and the unemployed, the problems of the inner cities. Set as it is in 1982 it would be a grim warning of what lies ahead – were it not for the fact that these evils already exist in good measure.

A slick production by Barry Edwards supported by a professional cast.

Peter Flannery’s other plays include ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ (Contact Theatre 1975), ‘Last Resort’ (Sidewalk Theatre London 1976) and “Are You With Me?’ (Nottingham Playhouse 1977).